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Advocating for the retirement of Nosey the elephant and all other captive elephants to sanctuary.



Nosey has been held alone for nearly three decades, forced into a solitary life that goes against the highly social nature of her species.

Health Problems

[ Vet Report #1 ] [ Vet Report #2 ] Nosey has chronic health problems, including but not limited to degenerative joint disease, diarrhea and unmanaged hyperkeratosis (abnormal thickening of the skin).  She lives in physical and psychological pain.

Improper Containment

Much of Nosey’s life is spent confined in an inappropriate trailer, crated from one venue to the next with little relief or exercise.


Nosey shows signs of excessive use of chains in calloused skin and scarring on the lower legs. This practice limits her abilities to properly exercise her joints. It also indicates lack of attention on the part of her owner.

Bullhook Use

The “free contact” management practiced by her owner requires constant use of the bullhook. Such practices are considered outdated and abusive by many experts in elephant management.


Nosey has been seen exhibiting stiffness in her joints, indicating arthritis that was likely brought on by her confined lifestyle.

Forced to Give Rides

[ What’s wrong with rides? ] Despite her obvious health ailments, Nosey is forced to give rides to adults and children in between performances. This is painful for her and risky for the public.


Forced to Perform

Much of Nosey’s life has been spent performing in circuses across the United States. On top of elephant rides and confined living spaces, this can cause further stress to her health and psychological well-being.

Physical Abuse

In addition to the constant threat of the bullhook, Nosey has suffered physical abuse at the hands of her owners, witnessed and cited over the years by citizens and authorities alike.

Improper Diet

Nosey’s diet is questionable. In one documented case, a citizen was told that Nosey was given soda rather than water—because she preferred it more.

Exposure to Extreme Temperatures

Nosey is exposed to extreme temperatures while on the road, traveling and performing through locations such as Texas during the summer months and upstate New York in early spring.

Violations of the Animal Welfare Act

[ Read the USDA Report ] Nosey’s owner has been cited by the USDA for numerous and repeated violations to the Animal Welfare Act.

Nosey's Wish: Retirement to a Real Elephant Sanctuary!

"Nosey's Wish" was composed and recorded in December 2016 by Genie-Yanisa, a young Thai animal activist and elephant advocate. Please listen and share her poignant plea for Nosey's freedom!

Read more about Genie-Yanisa!

Ways You Can Help


Sign A Petition

Add your voice to one of the largest petitions for Nosey, urging your members of Congress to pressure the USDA to do its job. Please sign and share far and wide. URGENT PETITIONS listed below!

Join the Tweet Storm

If you have Twitter account, please add your voice to Nosey’s campaign. Check back regularly for updates to our Tweet Sheet and follow us and RT @savenoseynow.

Make a Phone Call

Call the following authorities and let them know how unconscionable it is that they allow Nosey to continue to suffer.

1) Kevin Shea | USDA Deputy Administrator: 202-799-7000
2) Bernadette Juarez | APHIS Deputy Acting Admin: 301-851-3751
3) Phyllis Fong | USDA Inspector General: 202-720-8001
4) Kara Hooker | Florida Wildlife Commission (FWC): 850-488-6253
5) Loren Lowers | FWC: 850-717-2101 or 850-252-1390
6) Mark Warren | FWC: 850-617-9592

A Few Quick Facts About Nosey

We’ve listed the issues Nosey faces in her current situation and ways you can help. Here are a few quick facts about her. For more details read our history on her.

  • Born in Zimbabwe: Nosey was born in Zimbabwe before being wild-caught at 2 years old.
  • Age: Nosey is about 34 years old — prime of life for an elephant in the wild!
  • Different Names: Other names Nosey has gone by include Tiny, Peanut, and Dumbo.
  • Sanctuary: Nosey is an excellent candidate for retirement to either of the true elephant sanctuaries in the United States: The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee or PAWS in California.
  • Celebrities for Nosey: Kim Basinger, Cher, Ricky Gervais, Olivia Munn and others have spoken out. Sam Simon even offered to buy her. Members of Congress and state legislators have written on her behalf. Now she needs YOUR voice, too!

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