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“Nosey’s Law” Pending in New Jersey General Assembly

On October 20, 2016, Nosey’s Law passed in the New Jersey State Senate by a vote of 32-5! This is tremendous news for Nosey, and will pave the way for other states to take action. The bill was recently amended to cover ALL exotic animals and is now pending in the General Assembly, with Assembly Member Raj Mukherji as primary sponsor. A vote is expected in May 2017.

Senator Raymond Lesniak first introduced the bill to prohibit the use of elephants in traveling circus acts in New Jersey. We thank Senator Lesniak, Assembly Member Mukherji and their colleagues for this legislation that will protect not only traveling elephants but also the public at large.

Senator Lesniak’s Video Update – December 2016

Read Nosey’s Law!

ACTION: New Jersey Residents: Contact your Assembly Member and ask them to support S2508/A4386 Nosey’s Law!

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Bill to Protect Traveling Elephants Approved in Illinois

SB 1342 a bill prohibiting elephants in traveling shows was introduced in the Illinois State Senate on February 9, 2017. It passed the Senate unanimously on April 26, 2017, and by a vote of 91-14 in the General Assembly on May 15. It now goes to the Governor Rauner for his signature. This legislation will protect Nosey and many other captives elephants by banning their performances in the state. Congratulations and thank you, Illinois! Special thanks to the Humane Society the United States – Illinois for initiating the bill, and to the many activists who protested and brought media attention when Nosey was performing in the state last year. This legislation is in part a direct result of the efforts of the members and supporters of Save Nosey NOW!

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"Nosey's Wish" Video Premiers

Talented singer-songwriter GENIE-YANISA SANPAKDEE supports “Nosey’s Wish” for retirement to a sanctuary! Genie was 11 years old when she started writing music and lyrics; she also became an “Elephant Ambassador” at Elephant Nature Park in her native Thailand. She is now 12, and with help from Save Nosey NOW! and other supporters around the globe, composed and recorded “Nosey’s Wish.” The video was developed with the assistance of producer Bruno Brugnano.

We invite you to share this precious, heartbreaking song everywhere to further spread Nosey’s story with the world.




SNN Brochure

Download and print our new Show You Care: Save Nosey NOW! brochure to help Nosey. Share it with friends and family, at work, and everywhere you can to share her story. The brochure also makes a good handout at circuses or whenever any elephant — not just Nosey — is performing or giving rides.

View and download the brochure (.pdf)

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Nosey’s Storybook

“Nosey: A Story of Abuse and Neglect” details Nosey’s life in words and photos from the point of view of a young girl writing to President Obama. Published in 2015 as a joint project of Action For Nosey Now, the California Environmental Institute, and Save Nosey NOW!, Nosey’s storybook has been sent by concerned citizens to the White House, members of Congress, and other public figures. We hope they will read it and take action!

Read or Purchase Nosey’s Storybook

Eyes Of An Elephant

The majestic grace
Of your silhouette
An enormous frame
They wont soon forget
But from shadowed stands
They don’t see your eyes
How they reveal
A thousand lies.
They would see your freedom
Ripped away
They would see the price
You had to pay
The day you wept
As your mother lay dying
And they didn’t care
That her baby was crying.

You should be strong
You should be proud
Now you cringe before
A roaring crowd
Callously “broken”
So long ago
And forced to perform
This awkward show.

Caught up in the moment
As you “entertain”
They don’t notice the bull hooks
The scars, the pain
From their seats they don’t see
What your eyes say so well
If they saw they’d be sure
Yes, there’s a hell.Heather Leughmyer