As most social movements begin, there is, at first, shock and disbelief that something so egregious could be happening in an “enlightened” society, a society that prides itself on doing the right thing and making the right decisions for all. Societies have survived through terrible times, with much pressure from its inhabitants to evolve and seek facts when faced with dilemmas of great magnitude.


Fighting for Compassion

The issue of human slavery in the United States, for example, evolved as the populace either favored the practice or found it abhorrent, leading to a war that, in many ways, is still being fought today. Such is the issue of animal captivity. There are always two sides to every story. Some will fight to maintain keeping animals for human entertainment while others will fight for compassion and sanctuary for those animals.

… and Against Long Held “Traditions” Practicing Animal Abuse on Captive Elephants

The nonprofit organization Save Nosey Now, Inc was formed and has worked for years to get one elephant named Nosey out of the clutches of her abusive owners in a small family circus in Florida. is fighting against long held “traditions” and outdated laws and legislation at the local, state, and federal level.

Comprised of animal advocates all over the country, this relentless organization was able to shine a light on the brutality Nosey endured for decades, wasting away in the circus!

Stories that Must Be Told

Nosey is now in sanctuary because of those continued efforts! YET, there are many more elephants just like her who continue to struggle with the ravages of captivity, and their story must be told – elephants like Asha who languishes alone in a small, roadside zoo in the middle of nowhere, Virginia, and Betty who suffers from life threatening medical conditions while traveling and performing in circuses all over the country.


USDA, from Holding Up Animal Welfare to Collaborating with Perpetrators and Violators

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) is charged with upholding the Animal Welfare Act, a very powerful set of laws regulating treatment of animals in the US. For many years, it seemed that the USDA tried to uphold those laws by issuing citations and violations on abusive actions within permitted populations of exhibitors such as circuses. However, since 2016, all pertinent information pertaining to the history of violators has been expunged from the public information previously available, and the exhibitors themselves are now allowed to be self regulated. The USDA is supposed to be working for the American people. Instead the perpetrators and violators seem to become their top priority. Due to the self certification “prong” of the renewal process which has been in effect for decades, coupled with the USDA’s blatant disregard for Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) laws, exhibitors are effectively self regulating. No one is minding the store, and as a result, the legislative intent of the AWA is being completely ignored and animals are suffering everywhere.

BROKEN, the Catalyst to Educate the Public about Animal Welfare

The trickledown effect of this change from the top level of government has put pressure on state and local governments to stand up for the care of animals within their borders, but these smaller governing entities are comprised of hunters and fishermen who aren’t educated enough to oversee the use of wild and exotic animals within their jurisdiction.

A spotlight must be angled toward this inadequacy. Federal, state and local governments have been found to be complacent and complicit in the appalling horror that is the circus, allowing it to continue day after day, year after year. BROKEN, a new Documentary by will be that spotlight! BROKEN will be a catalyst to educate the public to the shocking horrors of the circus as well as elephant captivity in the United States.

Partnering with Emmy Winning Journalist has partnered with 12 time Emmy winning investigative journalist Mike Deeson of Deeson Media to produce this groundbreaking BROKEN documentary. Interviews with essential players and whistleblowers are now being conducted, and behind the scenes footage being gathered.