We are saddened to report that African elephant Anna Louise has died in Florida. She was alone for more than 30 years and had recently suffered from an unknown ailment.

The USDA, the Florida Wildlife Commission, carnie Tom Demry, and the elephant abusers, Two Tails Ranch are all complicit in this tragic death. Anna Louise shared a similar story to Nosey which is why Nosey must stay in sanctuary to survive. Many thanks to all the advocates who fought to change the course of Anna Louise’s life. She deserved so much more.

Reference: PETA article from July 24, 2018: Remembering Anna Louise, one of America’s Loneliest Elephants

Last Loving Thoughts for our Beloved Elephant Anna Louise …

We fought hard for you Anna Louise …sweet girl…
but the evil forces prevailed.

Why is it that these retched carnies are able to keep these magnificent beings as slaves … to abuse and profit from their misery and anguish? Why?

They deserve so much more.

Anna Louise, I am sorry we could not free you from these monsters. You never got to experience the joys of being an elephant, to experience real family and love of your fellow elephant family. Instead you were beaten, alone and in pain.
These maggots spinning lies that they loved you…but yet they beat you, starved you, made you suffer.

Rest In Peace beautiful girl for now you are truly free.
Your suffering shall not be in vain.
We will fight for all that are left behind until we ourselves are gone from this earth.
We promise to make life hell for your abusers.

We will bring justice to those that made you suffer. We promise.

(Photos from protests held in Vineland and Mays Landing , NJ.
And poor Anna Louise degraded in this “dancing elephant” Photo.)



Please help other captive elephants used for entertainment before it’s too late: