Update on Asha, the African elephant at the Natural Bridge Zoo, Virginia: Asha, the African elephant, languishes in horrid surroundings at the Natural Bridge Zoo (NBZ) in Virginia where she is forced to give elephant rides day after day in high temperatures with no access to shade and water for hours on end.

New Fence Around Riding Paddock

The owners put in a new fence around the riding paddock before opening this season, but this hardly scratches the surface of all the problems associated with this roadside zoo.


Our Work for Asha the Elephant at the Natural Bridge Zoo in Virginia

Save Nosey Now is Collaborating with the Animal Defense Partnership (ADP), Roots & Shoots Greece (R&S), and the Facebook group, Voices for Asha (VFA) to advocate for Asha’s release to sanctuary.


The Same Frustration as in Nosey’s Case

It is not surprising that we are encountering many of the same frustrations that we did with Nosey’s case.

Save Nosey Now has received many public records from the Virginia Department of Game & Inland Fisheries (DGIF) as well as records from USDA inspections that were available before the blackout of pertinent information on the USDA website.

We are perusing all this information for our education, as well as to find cracks in the story of Asha’s existence. In the meantime, should anyone have the opportunity to get to NBZ, please let us know in advance so we can help you get the information needed.