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Nosey’s Law Signed by New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy

Save Nosey Now, Inc., a nonprofit agency devoted to making the lives of captive elephants better, became a part of history on December 14, 2018 when "Nosey’s Law” was signed by New Jersey Governor, Phil Murphy.  Nosey's Law, named after a 36 year old African circus...

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African Elephant Anna Louise Has Died in Florida

We are saddened to report that African elephant Anna Louise has died in Florida. She was alone for more than 30 years and had recently suffered from an unknown ailment. The USDA, the Florida Wildlife Commission, carnie Tom Demry, and the elephant abusers,...

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Nosey the Elephant: Elephants are Better than Us

Elephants are better than us.This is Nosey the elephant's life story: From their earliest moments in the wild, they learn the meaning of family, and they are taught empathy, proper communication, etiquette, survival skills, and love. Female elephants stay with their...

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