In honor of WORLD ELEPHANT DAY 2018, a collaborative DOCUMENTARY is underway with an 11-time EMMY AWARD WINNING JOURNALIST and Additional details of this revealing production will be made available as we approach completion, but with what we have so far, our documentary will turn the industry of the exploitation of captive elephants on its head!

Tell-All Details of Nosey the Elephant and Other Captive Elephants in the United States

Save Nosey Now and our producer will bring justice not only to Nosey’s tragic story and triumphant rescue but will also include many tell-all details of other captive elephants in the United States. We peel back layer upon layer of governmental bureaucracy.

The web of lies, cover-ups, smokescreens, deceptions and deceit will be exposed.

No longer will this nation’s elected officials be able to turn a blind eye. An explanation of why it took more than three decades to get Nosey to sanctuary and why this corruption continues to permeate must be made known. This is a centuries old crime whose time has come to an end.

Wide-Ranging Violations at Both, the State and Federal Levels

Save Nosey Now, Inc. continues to document wide-ranging violations at both the state and federal levels. Abuses of State laws and the Federal Animal Welfare Act are committed by a copious number of exhibitors.

We are motivated by witnessing the inhumane conditions in which captive elephants are forced to exist. We are driven to overcome the obstacles and stumbling blocks thrown our way through our government’s legal process.


Opening the Eyes of Humanity for the Abuse and Suffering of Exotic Animals in this Country

Our Goal

Our goal in producing this documentary is to not only let the world know WHAT HAPPENED TO NOSEY but to open the eyes of humanity and to disclose all the gory criminal acts being inflicted upon these exotic animals in this country and around the globe. Our ultimate objective in this production is to bring long-overdue FREEDOM to all captive animals in circuses and zoos.   Additionally, the intention of this film is to make the suffering of wild animals reverberate with a far-reaching impact.

Save Nosey Now, Inc. perseveres with principled tenacity, despite all obstacles. If you believe in our mission, PLEASE HELP BY DONATING at

YOUR FINANCIAL SUPPORT is essential in helping to achieve the accomplishment of FREEDOM FOR CAPTIVE ELEPHANTS.