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June, 2019: Thank you for considering a DONATION to You are free to choose where your generous donation is used:
Option 1: Donate to the production of our DOCUMENTARY – BROKEN which will outline government complacency and complicity that keeps elephants in their captive situations. BROKEN will expose the seedy underbelly of animal abuse with shocking undercover eyewitness testimony. With your donation, YOU are instrumental in giving a voice to elephants who currently suffer at the hands of some of the worst abusers across the nation.
Option 2: Donate to the honest and hard work of FREEING CAPTIVE ELEPHANTS in the USA to real sanctuaries. There are many elephants who suffer in circuses and zoos, and we work every day to bring them to freedom. YOU can help with your donation which will open up opportunities for education, intervention, and litigation on their behalf. Help Viola, Betty, Asha, Bunny, Libby, Isa, and many others with a few dollars a month!
Option 3: Use my donation wherever it’s needed the most.

Please consider giving a monthly donation to help work every day in our efforts to free captive elephants suffering in circuses and zoos.  Thank you for your generosity.

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