a nonprofit agency devoted to making the lives of captive elephants better, became a part of history on December 14, 2018 when “Nosey’s Law” was signed by New Jersey Governor, Phil Murphy.  Nosey’s Law, named after a 36 year old African circus elephant whose life touched millions around the world, makes it illegal to use wild and exotic animals in traveling acts. While both Illinois and New York prohibit the use of elephants in traveling acts, Nosey’s Law extended this protection to ALL wild and exotic animals, making New Jersey the first state in the nation to send a clear message that circuses with animals are not welcome.


Fighting for All Wild and Exotic Animals in Circuses

For over two years, Save Nosey Now Inc.’s Vice President, Robin Chandler Vitulle, Treasurer, Michelle Weirich and Administrator, Adrienne Possenti, worked tirelessly to see this through. 

The trio testified in front of legislators about the cruelty perpetrated on animals in traveling acts, were in attendance in State House Chambers for every vote and/or amendment to the law, and protested circuses throughout New Jersey.

Governor Christie’s Pocket Veto

In spite of former NJ Governor Chris Christie’s “pocket veto” on January 15, 2018 (his last day in office.), continued to work side by side with former New Jersey State Senator Raymond Lesniak (the original sponsor of the bill) to see the passage of this groundbreaking piece of legislation.


BROKEN, Our Fight Continues for the Ones Without a Voice (an all volunteer nonprofit organization), in conjunction with 12 time Emmy Award winning journalist, Mike Deeson, is currently producing BROKEN, a documentary to expose the complacency and complicit acts of government agencies that effectively keep elephants living in inhumane conditions and subject to cruel training methods.’s co-founder, Denise Gaug, J.D. stated that:

“While Nosey’s Law represents a huge victory, putting public pressure on the agencies tasked with protecting these animals in states where laws like Nosey’s Law do not exist is desperately and urgently needed.  We strongly believe that this film will do just that.”

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